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A brief history of gas detection

 A brief history of gas detection

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scientific developments, wonkee donkee rocket science building Before technological advancements allowed scientists to develop gas detection equipment, people had to rely on other warning methods.

Using your senses

smelling gas, using senses to identify leak, nose Most gases are colourless and invisible to humans. However, smell and sound can help alert people to a gas leak. Some gases smell and some have a smell added to them, so they draw attention when leaking. It is also sometimes possible to hear a faint hissing from a leaking gas pipe.
A lot of gases are still odourless, so this is not a fail safe method.

Canaries in the mines

canary in a coal mine Canaries were taken into coal mines as an early warning system for high levels of gas. The canary would show signs of distress, cease any singing and eventually die. These signs would alert the miners before gas levels became a danger to them.

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