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How to use a combustible gas detector?

 How to use a combustible gas detector

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exclamation mark on orange circle Read the instructions for each individual gas detector before using. The following is an example method and slight variations will occur between models.
press power button on gas detector

Step 1 – Turn on gas detector

Press the power button to activate the device.

wait for gas detector to calibrate

Step 2 – Wait for calibration

Lights will flash to signal the device is calibrating. Wait for these to stop before continuing.

push buttons to set gas detector

Step 3- Set gas detector

Use the appropriate buttons to switch your gas detector to the required setting. For example press the high sensitivity button to detect small concentrations of gas. You may also wish to alter which indicators are active: you may wish to turn off the audible alert.

test gas detector next to known gas source

Step 4 – Test gas detector

Position the sensor as appropriate (usually fully-extended) and use a known gas source to check your gas detector is working correctly, perhaps a gas hob or torch. If the detector does not begin to alert, do not continue use.

detecting gas with gas detector

Step 5 – Detect gas

After the device has stopped sensing the known gas source, move it around the area where you suspect there may be gas, concentrating on joints and connections.

 If gas is detected, turn off the supply and consult a professional.

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