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Combustible Gas Detector Maintenance and Care

 Combustible gas detector maintenance and care

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combustible gas detector Before initial and each subsequent use, inspect your gas detector for any faults or broken pieces. If anything looks unusual do not use the device before consulting a professional or having the device repaired.


damp soft cloth Only clean the device by wiping with a soft damp cloth. Do not submerge the detector or use abrasive cleaners.
 Removing any dirt, oil and grease before use improves the performance.


Change the batteries

Changing the batteries

There should be a low battery indicator on your gas detector. When this is activated, change the batteries immediately.

wait for gas detector to calibrate

Sensor calibration

Most gas detectors are self calibrating and will do this automatically when switched on. For some models it is possible to replace the sensor, but you will need to consult the instructions and contact the manufacturer for details.


wonkee donkee with toolbox Gas detectors should be stored in a dry location. If storing for a prolonged period, remove the batteries to prevent drainage.

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