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What is a combustible gas detector?

 What is a combustible gas detector?

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Wonkee donkee gas detector Combustible gas detectors are portable, hand-held instruments used to diagnose and locate gas leaks.
gas explosion, fire, combustible gas A combustible gas is any gas which has the potential to explode. For more information, see: {{widget type=”cms/widget_page_link” title=”Wonkee Donkee’s lesson on combustible gases” template=”cms/widget/link/link_inline.phtml” page_id=”3859″}}.
gas detector in use, home or professional applications These gas detectors can be used in professional and household applications.
battery powered gas detectors, 9v PP3 square battery Gas detectors are electrical devices, and their portable nature means they are battery powered. Disposable household batteries are generally used, with PP3 (9V), AA or C being the most common.
toxic gas symbol As well as the combustible gas detectors covered in this project, there are other gas detectors available for different types of gas detection and also fixed combustible gas detectors for use in specific industries, such as marine and energy companies.

For more information, see: {{widget type=”cms/widget_page_link” title=”What are the different types of gas?” template=”cms/widget/link/link_inline.phtml” page_id=”3858″}}

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