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What are the parts of circlip pliers?

What are the parts of circlip pliers?

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Circlip pliers consist of handles, head and a pivoting joint, they are used for safely removing circlip retaining rings

Circlip pliers are used for removing circlip retaining rings, they resemble standard pliers Circlip pliers are fairly simple tools which consist of handles, a pivoting joint, and a tip which opens and closes. There are a number of variations available, for use with differently positioned or sized circlips.


The handles of circlip pliers operate the tips The handles are used to open and close the tips of the circlip pliers. They will usually have a soft coating, so they should be comfortable to use.

There are variations of the handle available, with longer handles being used for jobs which require more leverage, such as the removal or installation of thicker or stronger circlips.

Pivot joint

Circlip pliers have a pivot point which is a joint that aligns the tips This joint allows the handles and tips to move and keeps them aligned so they will hold a circlip straight when removing or installing it.


Return springs on circlip pliers make them easier to use Most circlip pliers (especially external ones) have a return spring between the handles. This makes them easier to use, as the handles will be automatically pushed open after the pressure is released from them and the tips will return to their resting position. As this will happen without more effort from the user, it reduces fatigue.
Most circlip plier have return springs to make them easier to use There are a few different types of spring that may be used. Some circlip pliers have a coil spring which joins the handles near the pivot, others have two strips of metal between the handles, creating a spring action. There are also circlip pliers with a spring hidden around the pivot joint; this feature means it cannot be damaged or lost, but is more expensive to produce than an exposed spring.


The tips of circlip pliers can be straight or angled The tips of circlip pliers are specially shaped to fit the grip holes of circlips. They come in straight or angled designs, for use with circlips in different applications, such as reaching inside a motor.

Some tips will be fixed onto the tool, while others are interchangeable and replaceable.

Different tips on circlip pliers are used for different retaining rings The tips vary in diameter, length, and how wide they can open, for different pairs or sets of pliers.

The different designs of tip match up with the diverse range of circlips, and the many places they may need to be installed.

Lock rings and circlips without holes need special pliers for removal and installation There are also some circlip pliers with specially shaped tips for use with non-standard circlips and other retaining rings. These include snap ring circlip pliers, which have grooved or textured tips for removing circlips without holes.

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