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How to change the tips on circlip pliers

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Many circlip pliers have tips you can replace and exchange Many circlip pliers come with interchangeable tips – this includes individual pairs as well as sets. For more information see: Buying a set of circlip pliers vs. buying individual circlip pliers
Some circlip pliers have interchangeable tips

Step 1 – Remove tips

Sometimes, circlip pliers with interchangeable tips will come with a set of tips already attached. These tips will be screwed into the head with either one or two screws. Circlip pliers for use with larger circlips often have the tips attached with two screws for added strength.

Some circlip pliers have interchangeable tips The pliers may have come with a tool for use with the screws, or you might need a small screwdriver or hex key, depending on the type of screw used.

Undo the screws and the tips will come off or out of the head.

You can get a range of different tips for circlip pliers with replaceable tips

Step 2 – Replace tips

Choose the tip you need. You will probably have a choice of different sizes and angles. The size and the position of the circlip will determine which tips you need.

Some circlip pliers have interchangeable tips Insert the tips into the head, or line them up with the joining holes, and reattach the screws.

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