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What are circlip pliers used for?

What are circlip pliers used for?

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Circlip pliers are used for installing and removing retaining rings and snap rings Circlip pliers are used for installing and removing circlips if they need to be cleaned, replaced, or removed to allow access to other parts. They come in many variations, so individual tools will be suitable for use with different circlips.
Circlips and retaining ring are found in most applications which use a bearing Circlips can be found in almost every application where a bearing is used for a mechanism which turns, pivots, twists, or spins. Because circlips are used in so many different places, circlip pliers may be needed in various situations.

Common applications for circlips

Automobiles often use many different circlips


A cars or other vehicle is likely to use a number of circlips for different purposes. Due to the number of different moving parts, you may find circlips in different styles and sizes. Common places you will find circlips in cars and motorbikes include, pistons, brake systems and crankshafts.

The bearings in the bottom bracket of bicycles are usually held by a retaining ring circlip


Although manually-operated bicycles are generally less complex machines than automobiles, they still utilise moving parts, some of which use circlips. For instance, a crank attaches to a spindle on the bottom bracket to allow the pedals to turn; the bearings in this bottom bracket are usually secured with two circlips.

Blenders and mixers are just some of the appliances which use circlips on their moving parts


Many pieces of household equipment with moving parts use circlips, including blenders, mixers, and similar appliances. Circlips will usually be found on the drive shafts of blenders, securing the washer as the shaft rotates to mix food.

Washing machines use circlips to keep the drum spinning

Washing machines

Larger household appliances also often use circlips. For example, the drum of a washing machine has bearings so that it can spin, so circlips are often used to secure the rotating parts.

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