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What are circlip pliers?

What are circlip pliers?

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Circlip pliers are used to install and remove circlips easily Circlip pliers are a type of pliers designed for removing and installing circlips, which are a common type of retaining ring. For more information see: What is a circlip?

Circlip pliers may also be known as snap ring pliers or retaining ring pliers.

Circlips are either external or internal, you will find circlip pliers suitable for both of these The two basic designs of circlip pliers are ones for use with internal circlips and ones for use with external circlips. Some circlip pliers can switch between internal and external and there are a number of variations available in the design of the tips and handles.

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You can get circlip pliers with interchangeable parts, for different jobs You can purchase individual pairs of pliers, for specific jobs, or sets, which contain pliers of different sizes or styles.

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You can get circlip pliers with interchangeable parts, for different jobs You will also find that many circlip pliers come with replaceable heads or tips, which allow you to use the same tool for different sizes of circlip.

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Circlips are strong so circlip pliers need to be able to take the strain when removing or installing them Individual pliers are only designed to work with circlips of specific diameters, so it’s important to check the specifications to ensure you select the correct pair.
Circlips come in different sizes, individual circlip pliers are for use with caertain sizes of retaining ring, they are not a tool where one size fits all You can find standard circlip pliers for use with circlips of diameters between 0.5mm (0.02 inch) and 400mm (15.8 inch), and heavy duty tools for circlips up to 1000mm (39.4 inch).
The tips of circlip pliers are specially designed to grip circlips The main difference between standard pliers and circlip pliers is the tip design. Circlip pliers have specially shaped tips which can grip circlips so they can be removed or installed safely, whereas most standard pliers usually have flattened tips, for gripping, or sharp tips for cutting.
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