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Circlip Pliers Maintenance and Care

Circlip pliers maintenance and care

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Tools should be stored correctly and kept clean Tools should be kept clean and dry, and should be stored correctly. This should keep them working for as long as possible.


Keeping tools clean and dry helps to prevent rust If used on motor parts, it’s likely that your circlip pliers will get oil and dirt on them during use. The pliers can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, or a similar solvent.

You should make sure that the pliers are clean and dry once you have used them. Moisture on metal parts is likely to cause rust, so make sure they’re dry before storing.


Oilling moving parts will help keep them rust free and moving smoothly Most tools with moving parts occasionally need lubricating to keep these parts moving smoothly. A multi-purpose oil can be used on the joint of the pliers, where the metal pivots. Occasional oiling should also help avoid corrosion.

Correct usage

Use circlip pliers correctly to keep them working To keep the pliers working effectively, it’s important to use them correctly. Each pair of pliers will have a specified minimum and maximum diameter circlip they can be used with, and you should only use them with circlips in this range.
You should use the correct size pliers for the job Pliers should not be strained as this is likely to damage them.

The handles should never be extended for greater leverage. If you do require more leverage, you should use a larger pair of pliers.

Pliers should not be used at high temperatures unless they are made from good quality chrome nickel No pliers should be used as a hammer, as this is likely to cause damage.

Pliers should not be exposed to high temperatures as this may weaken the metal, unless they are made of high-quality chrome nickel steel.


Tools should be stored safely where they cannot be damaged Circlip pliers should be stored in an appropriate place, where they cannot be damaged and will be kept dry. Wonkee Donkee keeps tools in a toolbox, in the workshop!

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