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What is a voltage detector used for?

What is a voltage detector used for?

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non contact voltage detector Voltage detectors have a single testing point and are used to find live (alternatively known as ‘hot’) wires in electrical circuits. They are also known as ‘non-contact voltage testers’ because they do not need to come into contact with the electricity supply to detect a voltage.
 AC DC power Voltage detectors are used on AC currents (mains electricity).A voltage detector will have a range of voltages it is capable of detecting, and these should either be stated on the device itself, the packaging/instructions, or in the product spec.
voltage detector in use Voltage detectors can be used to detect live electricity anywhere, at levels between the stated voltage capabilities. They are used to check when power is off in electric switch boxes and other wiring before beginning a project.

What can voltage detectors be used on?

electrical wires, switches Non-contact voltage detectors can be used to detect AC voltages on sockets, outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses and cables. They can also detect breaks in wires. They are most commonly used to check that power has been switched off before beginning an electrical project.

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