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What are the parts of a voltage tester?

What are the parts of a voltage tester?

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The parts of a voltage tester include probes, LCD scale and cable. Read our full guide to the parts of voltage testers!

Voltage tester probes

voltage tester probes There are two probes on voltage testers, and these are both used in contact with the electrical supply to measure voltage levels. The probes are often colour-coded, usually with one black and the other red. The probes will often be labelled + or – also, marking polarity and identifying which one should be placed where.

Voltage tester scales

voltage tester LED scale


There are two types of indicator scales for voltage testers, the first of these is an LED, light-up scale. This scale consists of several LED bulbs which represent different voltage levels; the relevant bulbs light up to indicate when the stated voltage is reached.

Models with these are the most common and provide an accurate range for most applications.

 LED stands for light-emitting diode
LCD screen voltage tester


Other indicator scales come in the form of an LCD screen with a digital readout of the voltage level.

Voltage testers with these are much rarer and more expensive. However, by giving an numerical voltage reading, they are more accurate. It is not often necessary to be so precise though, so the LED voltage testers are a more viable option for most users.

Additional voltage tester features

voltage tester probe cap


Some voltage testers are provided with a cap to cover the exposed section of the probes. This is often attached to the cable joining the two parts of the device, and slots onto the probes to protect the exposed part when being stored.

voltage tester hold button

Hold button

On some voltage testers, there is a button which allows you to hold the reading in place after you have moved the device away from the voltage source. This is often used when working in poorly-lit spaces or when the testing point is in an awkward position and the indicator cannot be seen clearly.

voltage tester with torch


Some voltage testers will have an LED bulb, acting as a torch to help improve visibility of the work area. This will be located next to the probe situated on the main box part of the device.

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