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What is a tuck pointer used for?

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Using a tuck pointer to repoint a bed joint Tuck pointers were originally used for tuckpointing, but they can be used for applying mortar, plaster or window-sealing putty to any tight spaces.
Using a tuck pointer to lay mortar in a crack in the floor The tuck pointer’s narrow blade fits easily into brick joints, the gaps around window frames, and any awkward areas which would be hard to reach with other pointing trowels or mortar finishing tools.
Tuck pointers are often used to apply lime mortar Tuck pointers are very useful for rejoining or plastering period properties, where lime mortars and renders are often used for historical conservation. Lime renders and mortars must be applied with as much pressure as possible, and the narrow breadth of the tuck pointer makes it ideal for forcing mortar into crevices and brick joints.

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