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What are tuck pointers made of?

What are tuck pointers made of?

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Tuck pointers are often made from carbon steel Tuck pointers were historically forged from iron, but modern tuck pointer blades are made from carbon steel, which is more durable, more shock-resistant, and easier to recycle.


Tuck pointer handles can be made from different materials The handle of a tuck pointer can be made from wood, fibreglass, or soft grip rubber. Wood can be more aesthetically pleasing and it is often used for handles on specialist tuckpointing tools, but it is also less comfortable than other materials and more likely to break. When it does break, however, it’s easier to replace!


A brass ferrule that might be used on a tuck pointer Ferrules on wooden-handled tuck pointers can be made of steel, which is strong enough to endure leverage over time, or brass, which gives the tool an antique finish. Other tuck pointers can have rubber or fibreglass ferrules.

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