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Tuck Pointer Maintenance and Care

Tuck pointer maintenance and care

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A tuck pointer, and other repointing tools, covered in mortar after use It’s important to properly clean tuck pointers after use. They should be brushed off and thoroughly rinsed several times to remove all the remaining mortar, then air-dried and stored in a dry area above ground level.
A common whetstone useful for sharpening any kind of blade edge, including tuck pointers Tuck pointers can be dulled by¬†normal use over time, which makes it harder to cut a clean lift of mortar. If the blade of a tuck pointer gets too dull to cut mortar, it’s a good idea to sharpen up the edges of the tool with a file, whetstone, bench grinder, or special trowel-sharpening tool. It doesn’t need to be razor sharp!

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