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Are there any alternatives to try and mitre squares?

Are there any alternatives to try and mitre squares?

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Combination squares

combination square A combination square is similar to a try and mitre square and is capable of checking and measuring both 45° and 90° angles. A combination square has interchangeable stocks, which means they can also be used to find the centre of circles or as a protractor. The 45° and 90° angles are on the same piece, as seen in the picture.

Folding and carpenter’s squares

carpenters and folding squares The terms ‘folding’ and ‘carpenter’s squares’ encompass several tools that check and measure angles. These can be larger than try and mitre squares or shaped differently to use on all angle sizes.

Sliding bevels

sliding bevel
To set an angle on a sliding bevel, other tools with the degree scale, like a protractor, are required. However, sliding bevels are mainly used to transfer existing angles.

Other tools

saw with angled handle Tools specialised for other tasks, such as hand saws, can come with angled 90° and 45° edges, which double as try and mitre squares. This is handy if you already own or are using these tools for their specific purpose and an angle measurement is needed.

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