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How to use a try and mitre square?

How to use a try and mitre square?

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Before you begin

adjustable try sqaure Try, mitre and adjustable squares work in the same way. For adjustable squares you just need to click them in to the right position for the angle you require.

To check an angle

place try square on right angle

Step 1 – Place square

Place the stock against one of the edges around the angle you wish to check and then slide until the blade is flush with the other edge.

trying a right angle with try square

Step 2 – Check for gaps

Check between the workpiece and the tool for gaps. Your view may be improved by having a light source behind, as you will be able to see the light shining through any gaps.

If there are no gaps then the tool is completely flush and the angle is correct.

 The squares with spirit vials also work the same way, you can just check the bubble when the square is placed in position to check levelness.

To mark for a cut

measure wood, mark with pencil

Step 1 – Measure distance

Use a rule or a square with a scale to measure the distance from the edge you wish to remove.

Mark this point with a pencil or marking knife.

place try square

Step 2 – Place square

Place the square in the same way as you would to check an angle.

slide try square to marking knife

Step 3 – Slide square to measurement

Then, hold the marking knife or pencil on the mark you have made, slide the square’s blade up to the marking, stopping when the two apparatuses meet.

mark along whole side of try square

Step 4 – Mark workpiece

Mark along the whole length of the blade.

repeat marking with try square

Step 5 – Repeat

If you need to mark the other sides of the workpiece, use the same technique.

Place the stock on the side you have already marked and  the blade on the side to be marked. Use the marking knife or pencil to line up the tool and the marking. This only works for try squares and 90° angles.

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