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What try and mitre square additional features are available?

What try and mitre square additional
features are available?

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Try squares with a 45° angle

try square with 45 degree angle There are some squares which include a 45° angle on the stock, making them a try and mitre square. This can be found on either the base or the blade end of the stock. Rather than a completely square stock, one corner is missing to form the 45° angle; this does not interfere with the right angles.
try and mitre square
Try and mitre squares are used in the same way, only the orientation needed to mark the angles alters.

Spirit level vials

try square with 45 degree angle A vial like those on a spirit level can be found in the stock of a few try and mitre squares; this allows the tool to check angles and levelness. The tool can be placed to check that the workpiece is both horizontally and vertically level.


try square with scale
Many try and mitre squares will include a scale along the blade; this often means a rule is unnecessary. The measurements can be in inches on one side and millimetres on the other or with just one type. A scale is useful to set the distance for the angled cut.

Adjustable squares

adjustable try square
Try and mitre squares can be adjustable, meaning that the stock and blade are joined by a hinge which allows the tool to not only measure a variety of angles but also be folded away for storage. Some of the adjustable try and mitre squares will click into selected angled positions and some will have a scale down the stock with the angle positions.

Adjustable vs. fixed squares

adjustable v fixed sqaure The advantages of adjustable squares is that they can measure/mark/check multiple angles. However, the accuracy of an adjustable square is not as reliable as a fixed one because of the movement (they may come out of alignment).

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