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What are tracing dyes made of?

What are tracing dyes made of?

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Different types of tracing dyes Tracing dyes are made from 100% non-toxic, food grade ingredients which are biodegradable and will not harm the environment.

What does “non-toxic” mean?

non toxic Non-toxic means that there are no harmful irritants, poisons, or chemicals included in the composition. Because of the nature of tracing dyes (mixed with water sources) making them non-toxic is absolutely essential.

What does “food grade” mean?

food grade produce A food grade product is something that has been certified by food standard agencies as suitable for human consumption. Because tracing dyes are mixed into water supplies and plumbing systems it is essential that they are not made from any harmful ingredients or contaminants (this being so, eating tracing dye is not advised!)

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What does “biodegradable” mean?

bio-degradable, biodegradation, recycle Biodegradable refers to a substance that can be broken down by bacteria or other biological sources and returned to a natural compound state.

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