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What tracing dye tub sizes are available?

What tracing dye tub sizes are available?

Shop for Tracing Dyes

Powdered dyes

different sizes of tub, tracing dyes, fluorescent colours Powdered tracing dyes are sold in tubs of varying weights and sizes typically ranging from small tubs of 100g-200g (3.5-7oz) to larger tubs of between 1kg-10kg (35-350oz). 

Liquid dyes

liquid dyes different size bottles, tracing dyes Liquid tracing dyes are typically sold in bottles of varying sizes, typically between 565ml-4.5l (1 pint and 1 gallon).


Tracing dye sachets Sachets look a little bit like teabags with a small amount of powdered dye in them.They typically contain 2-5g of concentrated dye and can usually be bought in packs of 10-100.


tracing dye cake Cakes are slightly larger than pellets and are typically sold in packs.Packs come in a range of sizes from 3-100 cakes. Each cakes typically weighs 35g (1.25oz).


tracing dyes cones Cones can usually be bought individually, or in packs typically containing between 3 and 10 cones.You can purchase larger bulk orders if you need. Each cone typically weighs 128g (4.5oz).


tracing dye doughnut Doughnuts are much larger than cones or cakes and each doughnut typically weighs 1kg (35oz).They can be purchased individually as needed or in packs containing between 2 and 10 doughnuts. Larger bulk order packs are available.
sewer tracing dyes, large amounts of dye, colour, fluorescent Dyes can also be bought in larger industrial-size quantities for long-term analysis tasks such as use in natural water flows like rivers, lakes and seas where large volumes of tracing dye are needed.

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