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What tracing dye colours are available?

What tracing dye colours are available?

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Tracing dyes, different colours, dye trace testing, flourescent Tracing dyes come in a wide variety of colours. Depending on your use, environment, or situation you may need a particular colour (or colours) so that it contrasts with your environment. For example, you may need a fluorescent dye so that it is easily visible in dark areas. You can even use multiple colours to test multiple pipelines at once.
blue tracing dye, tub of powdered dye, tracing tests


Although any colour can be used in clear water, blue dye is not fluorescent or as easily visible in large bodies of water, so is best used for small domestic applications such as drain and pipe analysis.

Green tracing dye, dye tracing test, tub of powdered dye


If you are working in a large body of water that is a little murky or brown then either green or yellow dye would suit your purposes best, especially if you are using visual methods of tracing.

Yellow tracing dye, tub of powdered tracing dye, colour


As with the green dye, yellow is best used when working in murky or muddy waters because it is clearly visible to the naked eye.

Red tracing dye, tub of powdered red tracing dye, coloured dye


If the waters you are working with are green in colour then you are best using the red dye as this will create the greatest contrast for visual tracing.

Purple tracing dye, tub of powdered tracing dye, purple, coloured dye


Purple dye is great for use on clear waters as its darker shade is readily visible.

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