Sprue cutter glossary of terms

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 Bevelled edge 

A bevel placed on the edge of an object is an angled face that is not perpendicular (at 90° or a right angle) to the other faces of the object. For more information on bevels see our page What types of sprue cutter bevel are available?



 Leverage is achieve by using a lever to give a mechanical advantage. 

Leverage is the term used to describe the mechanical advantage achieved by using a tool that features a lever. The relationship between the length of a lever and the leverage it can exert was defined by Archimedes as the law of the lever. For more information on leverage see our page  A note on leverage and length


Mould tree

 Metal mould tree with many individual rings attached to a central sprue 

A mould tree is the name given to a casting that features multiple parts connected by sprues around a central runner. It is usually produced by a manufacturing method called investment casting.



 Nub left behind on part removed from a sprue 

A nub (also known as a pinch or rise) is the remains of the sprue that is left attached to the part once you have cut it off the mould tree.



 The pivot is the point around which rotation occurs. 

A pivot is the point around which rotation occurs in a lever system. For example, moving the handles (levers) of a sprue cutter causes the jaws to rotate around the pivot point(s) opening and closing them. 



 Rusty tool caused by exposure to moisture and oxygen in the atmosphere 

Rusting is a form of corrosion undergone by metals that contain iron. It occurs when such metals are left unprotected in the presence of oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere.



 Plastic molding used in model making contains many small parts connected with sprues and runners. 

A sprue is the small section of material that connects the many parts produced in a moulding manufacturing process.



 Toughness test 

Toughness is the measure of a material's ability to stretch or compress without breaking or shattering when a force is applied to it.

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