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What sizes of spade bit are available?

What sizes of spade bit are available?

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Image showing the range of widths that spade bits are available in Spade bits are usually available in metric sizes ranging from 6mm to 36mm and imperial sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″.
Close up of a size stamp on a spade bit The size of the bit is usually engraved onto the body of the spade itself so that each bit can be easily identified.
Spade bits with their width measurements indicated to illustrate the difference between a metric bit and an imperial bit If the number on the bit contains a fraction, or is below 2, it is in inches (imperial). If it is above 2, it is in millimetres (metric).
A spade bit with a long shank for drilling through stud walling and beams

Length of shank

Standard spade bit shanks are usually 150mm (6″) long, although they are available up to 400mm (16″) long for drilling deeper holes in timber frames or walls. The length of the bit can be increased even further with an extension accessory.

An example of a stubby spade bit, with a shank of just 100mm Stubby spade bits, with a shank length of around 100mm (4″) are also available. The reduced shank length allows the bits to be used in tight spaces, for example drilling holes in rafters, or inside a pantry or airing cupboard.

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