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What is a spade bit used for?

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Drilling part way through a wooden workpiece with a spade bit Spade bits are used to bore holes through wood quickly.
An illustration of tear out caused by a spade bit As they leave a rough hole, they are most often used to drill in areas that will later be covered, or that are not generally visible.
An electrician drilling through a wall, which could be done with a spade bit A good example of this is that electricians and plumbers use them to bore through timber if they need to insert wires or pipes.
Visual list of the materials that spade bits are suited to boring through aside from softwood While best suited to drilling softwoods, spade bits can also be used on hardwood, chipboard, fibreboard (such as MDF), plasterboard (used in walls), acrylic and plastic-laminated wood.
An impact driver and a power drill, which are both suitable drivers for spade bits They can be used in drills, for general use, or impact drivers, if drilling holes in tree stumps or thick, tough wood.
Wonkee Donkee explains that some people use old spade bits to mix paint once they are no longer usable for drilling