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How to use a spade bit to pull a cable through a wall?

How to use a spade bit to pull a cable through a wall

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A cable that has been pulled through a pre-drilled hole after being attached to the hole in the flat part of a spade bit Spade bits can be used to pull electrical cables through holes in wall studs, ceiling rafters and floorboards, to save the hassle of trying to poke the cable through without being able to see where it is going.
An electrician drilling through a wall, which could be done with a spade bit

Step 1 – Drill hole

Drill a hole with your spade bit. Once you are finished, push the bit into the hole as far as it will go. You’ll might need to ask a helper to hold onto one end of the driver (whichever type you chose to use) so that it doesn’t fall or detach from, or bend the bit while you’re on the other side of the hole.

Wonkee Donkee explains that the technique for pulling electrical cables through holes in studs, floorboards and rafters will even work between two different rooms!
A DIYer heading out of a room where they drilled a hole for an electric cable with a spade bit so that they can find the opening on a wall in another room Leaving your helper to hold down the fort, it’s time to trot off to find the other end of the bit and attach the cable.
A piece of string, used for securing an electrical

Step 2 – Attach cable to bit

This is usually done by tying the cable to a piece of string or thin wire, which is then threaded through the end of the bit (as insulated cables might be too thick to fit through the bit’s hole).

DIYer removing a spade bit with an electrical cable attached to it from a hole through a wall

Step 3 – Remove bit from hole

Return to your original location and pull the bit slowly out of the hole.

Warning to DIYers not to be too forceful when removing a spade bit with an electrical cable attached as they may cause the cable to come off inside the borehole Wrenching it out of the hole forcefully could cause the cable to become unattached half way through the hole, which would be unfortunate!
A cable that has been pulled fully through a wall stud with the help of a spade bit

Step 4 – Detach cable

You can now detach your cable from the bit and continue with your DIY project.

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