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What other types of waste are there?

What other types of waste are there?

pop up wastes are just one type which you can get for your sink or basin There are a number of different types of waste available for sinks and basins, the pop up waste is just one type.

Plug and chain waste

Sink basin with plug and chain waste This is a traditional style of waste with a plug connected to a chain.

Clicker waste

Clicker waste: sometimes also known as a push button waste, click-clack waste or sprung plug This waste’s stopper is operated by pushing on the stopper. You push once to close it and push again to open it, and so it does not have a separate control like the pop up waste.

This waste can also be referred to as the push button waste, click-clack waste or sprung plug.

Flip top waste

Flip top waste with slots This simple design has a disc-shaped stopper that can be rotated to open or close the plug hole.

Captive waste

Captive waste and plug This design has a plug that sits on a bar and remains in the plughole. It is pulled up to open or pushed down to close. This type of waste is fairly common in public bathrooms as the plug cannot be removed.
Wonkee donkee says: The captive waste gets its name from the plug being held captive within the waste.

Basket strainer waste

Basket strainer waste, common in kitchen sinks as the basket catches food and other objects so they can not get into the drain This type of waste is common in kitchen sinks as it has a strainer which will prevent food and other waste from blocking the drain of the sink by collecting it before it can pass through the waste.

The basket stopper in this waste can be operated in a similar way to the pop up waste, with a control to lift and lower it, or it can simply be pulled in and out..

Flush grated waste

Flush grated waste, ideal for showers, does not come with a plug or stopper These wastes are common in showers, or sinks where the waste water needs to continuously flow away, as these wastes do not  fit a plug or stopper.

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