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What is a pop up waste system?

What is a pop up waste system?

What is a waste system?

A sink waste with slots for the overflow water to run through In plumbing, the term ‘waste’ refers to the tube which is fixed at the base of a sink, basin or sanitary device (such as toilet or bidet). This tube is made of metal and allows waste water to run through it, via a trap, and then into a drain, while also acting as a barrier to possible blockages.
the finish on the taps of the sink will usually match the part of the waste which is showing at the plug hole The top of the waste is called the shoulder or flange and this is the metal part you see in the plughole, the finish on the flange will usually match the finish on the taps of the basin.
the waste will be a standard size in order to fit any basin, 32 millimeters for hand basin and 40 millimeters for other types, such as kitchen sink, bath and shower Wastes are made to standard sizes in order to fit any basin waste hole and usually come supplied with a specific type of plug, stopper or grill.

Bathroom sinks usually have a waste diameter of 32mm (1.25″) while baths, showers and kitchen sinks will usually be 40mm (1.5″).

Pop up waste

Diagram of a pop up waste plug system, pop-up wastes can be installed with the pop up waste installation tool A pop up waste, or pop up assembly, refers to the type of pipe fitting that joins a sink, basin or bidet to a waste pipe at the plughole. They incorporate a plug or stopper which is operated with a control. You may also find pop up wastes in other sanitary appliances.
Sink with pop-up waste plug, showing the lever and closed plug, the pop up waste installation tool helps to install this type of waste The control on the pop up waste is usually a lever you pull or a knob you turn. It is often found behind or on the tap fixture, or it may be attached to the overflow which is usually below the tap, in the basin.
Diagram of a basin and tap with a pop up waste plug system installed that is operated with a lever To operate the pop up stopper, the lever is pulled up to close the plug and pushed down to open it, or the knob is turned one way to open and the other to close.
pop-up waste installation tool The pop up waste installation tool is specifically designed to help with the fitting of slotted, pop up wastes without needing to remove the basin, by holding the waste while the lock nut is tightened underneath the waste, securing it in place.

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