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What are the parts of a pop up waste system?

What are the parts of a pop up waste system?

parts of a pop up waste system, the popup waste installation tool helps to fit the waste for a pop up assembly
popup waste systems will all be slightly different, there are a number of different types All pop up waste assemblies work with the same basic idea: a pop up stopper operated by a control so you can open and close the plug hole. However you will find that there are different models, and different types of controls, you will need to check the manufacturer’s details for your particular setup.

Pop up waste system control

pop up wastes are often controlled by a lever near the tap which lifts or lowers the pop up stopper


The lever is what you use to control the stopper, it will usually come out at the back of the tap and you lift it to close the plug and lower it to open the plug.

the rod on the pop-up waste connects the stopper to the lever so it can be lifted and lowered

Horizontal rod

This rod connects the lever to the stopper, with the lever attachments and the ball joint in the pivot seat. The rod pivots on the ball joint to move the stopper in the opposite direction to which the lever is being moved.

pop-up wastes are sometimes controlled by a knob which is turned to open and close the plug hole


The lever is not the only way the pop up stopper can be controlled, some pop up wastes systems will use a turn knob that mechanically works to open and close the plug.

Pop up waste pop up stopper

the pop-up waste has a stopper that moves up and down with a control to open or close the plughole The pop up stopper is the plug – it sits in the waste body and attaches to the control, when the stopper is pulled into the waste body it will stop the water in the sink from draining out.

Pop up waste washers

the locknut holds the washers and waste in place, the washers act as a seal to prevent leakage Most pop up waste assemblies come supplied with two washers for sealing the waste within the basin. The top washer will go over the waste body before it is inserted into the basin hole, the bottom washer will go under the basin and be fitted onto the bottom side of the waste body, this will create a seal either side of the waste.

Pop up waste lock nut

the locknut holds the washers and waste in place The lock nut, back nut or waste connector screw is then screwed onto the waste body to secure everything in place. This will be a large nut made of either plastic or metal.
Wonkee Donkee says "If the lock nut is made of  plastic be careful not to over  tighten it or it might break!"

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