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What is a pointing and grouting gun?

   What is a pointing and grouting gun?

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grouting gun, pointing gun, mastic, wonkee donkee tools DIY guide A pointing and grouting gun is a tool used for piping or injecting mortar material and cement grout.

It allows the user to apply mortar and grout with greater accuracy and less effort than the traditional trowel and mortar rake.

pointing and grouting guns, mastic wonkee donkee brick wall bricklayer repointing tools DIY guide There is essentially no difference between a pointing or grouting gun; the name changes depending on the job you’re doing.

What is pointing?

brickwork, bricks, brick wall, repointing grouting gun pointing gun mortar wonkee donkee tools DIY guide “Pointing” is the name given to the external part of mortar joints. It is essentially the visible part of mortar between brickwork.

What is repointing?

“Repointing” is the process of renewing these external mortar joints when weathering or decay has caused voids to appear in the mortar. Repointing is important because voids in mortar brickwork can lead to significant structural damage.

Pointing and grouting gun vs. older methods

ye olde grouting bag, repointing grouting tiles grout wonkee donkee tools DIY guide The pointing and grouting gun is becoming more popular when compared to older methods such as the grout bag which works in a similar way to icing a cake. As any baker will tell you, using a bag such as this requires a lot of concentration and can be messy, not to mention difficult to clean afterwards.
ye olde grouting knife Another method losing popularity to the pointing and grouting gun is the use of pointing knives which are both time-consuming and harder to use.

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