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What can you put in a pointing and grouting gun?

What can you put in a pointing and
grouting gun?

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grouting gun, pointing gun, mastic, wonkee donkee tools DIY guide A pointing and grouting gun can be filled with cement grout or mortar mixes. Grout is used between tiles and is ready-mixed or available as a powder to which water is added. Mortar is used in pointing external brickwork.

Things to consider

Builders' sand Tubes and tube sizes Grouting gun repointing a wall brickwork mortar pointing gun mastic gun skeleton gun wonkee donkee tool DIY guide bricklayer tools home repair timber yard work man builder building site tools If you are mixing mortar to use in your gun, most professionals advise using sieved builders’ sand as it is finer and will not block the nozzle.

Also, you should avoid using any gravel in mortar mixes as this will not flow through the nozzle smoothly.

plasticiser, mortar mix plasticiser, smoother, grout gun pointing gun tools Wonkee Donkee DIY guide It is also advised to add plasticiser to your mortar mix as this will increase its fluidity. Please follow product guidelines.
adding plasticiser to grout mix, grouting gun, pointing gun, mortar concrete wonkee donkee tools DIY guide

What is plasticiser?

Plasticiser is an additive that increases the fluidity of materials. It is added to grout mixes to make them flow more smoothly.

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