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 What is a plastic conduit pipe and hose cutter?

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Plastic conduit pipe cutter and flexible hose cutters consist can cut thin walled plastic pipes, rubber pipes and flexible hose Plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters are hand tools which are specifically designed to cut through thin-walled plastic and rubber pipe or hose. The maximum outside diameter of the tubes they are able to cut depends on individual specifications. Usually this is between 22mm (0.8 inch) and 36mm(1.4 inch). Some also have a minimum diameter of tube they are able to cut.
Plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters can cut fabric reinforced plastic hose or plastic pipes These tools can cut plastic conduit pipe and rubber hose. This includes fabric-reinforced hose, where the reinforcement helps to prevent kinking in hoses that carry fluids – such as a garden hose.However, they are not made for cutting cable, wire reinforced hose or fibreglass-reinforced hose.
Plastic pipe and hose cutters may be used in plumbing or automotive repair as well as for other purposes. Plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters are often used for cutting electrical conduit for cables to be run through. They may also be used by mechanics to cut automotive hose for fuel or cooling systems. These cutters can also be used for cutting other appropriately sized plastic and rubber pipes and hoses.
Plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters work like shears, they have a cutting blade and anvil jaw to cut against These tools work in the same way as shears or scissors. When the user pushes the handles together the blade is pivoted against an anvil jaw to cut the material between them.
Hacksaws can be used on plastic pipes but they do not cut as cleanly as pipe and hose cutters Plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters can be used instead of a hacksaw for cutting thin walled PVC pipes. The cutter should make an instant, clean cut, whereas a hacksaw will take longer to saw through a pipe and will leave a rough and jagged edge.
To cut metal tubes or pipes you will need a pipe cutter For metal pipes or tubes, you will need to use a pipe cutter which cuts around the outside of these tougher items. For more information, see What is a pipe cutter?
For larger or thicker pipes, tubes and hoses, you may need to use a tube cutter with specifications to suit what is to be cut. For more information, see What is a tube cutter?