Plastic conduit pipe and hose cutter
care and maintenance

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 It's important to clean tool, store them correctly and look after them 

To make sure your tools work correctly, and for the longest possible time, it's important to look after them and ensure they are used, and stored, properly.



 Keeping tool dry prevents rust, metal tools need to be dried properly before they are put away 

As with all tools, it is important to keep plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters clean, and ensure they are dry before being put away.


Moisture left on metal parts will cause tools to rust, but keeping them dry should prevent this.



 Plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters can be locked for safety 

The locking lever should be used to lock the blade shut when the tool is not being used. This should prevent damage to the blade and ensure it can not damage anything.


Replacing the blade

 Plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters have replaceable blades  

Over time, the blade will begin to blunt, however, most hose cutters have replaceable blades.


For more information see:  How to replace the blade on plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters

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