How to replace the blade on
plastic conduit pipe and hose cutters

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 Blades on pipe and hose cutter will blunt, but can usually be replaced 

The more the cutter is used the quicker the blade will blunt. The majority of hose cutters have replaceable blades, if this is the case it will be stated in the specifications.


If the cuts become rough, or the cutter is crushing or deforming tubes before cutting through them, then the blade will probably need to be replaced.

 Different cutters may have different blades, if replacing the blade ensure it's the correct one 

Each cutter is likely to have a different blade, so make sure you check that it is the correct blade before purchasing. The specifications will usually give you the part number of spare blades, so they should be quite easy to find. They are likely to be available online and from hardware retailers. 


Replacing the blade

 Remove the blunt blade ready to replace it 

Step 1 - Remove blunted blade

The blade will be attached to the cutter one or two screws or pins. 


Unscrew the fastenings with a suitable screwdriver or hex key and remove the old blade. 

 Insert the new blade and secure it in place 

Step 2 - Insert new blade

Insert the new blade, line up the holes in the blade with corresponding holes in the head of the cutter, and insert screws or pins.

 Once in place the blade can be secured and the cutter is ready to use 

Step 3 - Secure in place

Tightened the fastenings to fix the blade in place.

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