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What is a chain pipe vice?

What is a chain pipe vice?

What is a pipe chain vice?

Pipes held in a chain pipe vice are secured by a high-tensile steel chain which loops over the workpiece and is fastened tightly in place.


Chain pipe vices permit the holding of irregularly shaped pipes or other objects.

Why choose a chain pipe vice?

Chain pipe vice securing a section of pipe for cutting

In comparison to hinged pipe vices, chain vices tend to have a larger working range and capacity. This is because the working range of the vice is only limited by the length of its chain.


Chain pipe vices are suitable for use with pipes with a larger diameter than can be clamped by hinged vices.

Tightening a chain pipe vice to secure the metal ready to be cut

Chain pipe vices are also able to clamp pipes with greater tension.


The large clamping surface of the chain means that the entire circumference of the pipe can be gripped securely.


However, it takes longer to secure a pipe in place with a chain pipe vice.


This is because the chain needs to be carefully threaded between the jaws of the tool to clamp the pipe firmly in place.

Chain pipe vices and tripods

Types of tripod stand available for chain pipe vices

Chain pipe vices are commonly used with a tripod stand (tristand) which allows the tool to be used out on a worksite.


This gives the user more flexibility as they are not confined to the workshop.


As the chain of the vice applies pressure evenly around the circumference of the pipe, the workpiece has no specific points of contact that could become damaged after being secured in the vice.

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