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Mortar rakes for angle grinders

Mortar rakes for angle grinders

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angle grinder Most mortar rakes will be designed with an M14 thread, therefore the angle grinder you use must have a spindle with an M14 thread. Information such as the thread size, should be given in the angle grinder’s product manual.

Most small angle grinders are classed as 115 and/or 125mm angle grinders. (This number refers to the disc size the angle grinder can take). 115 or 125mm angle grinders tend to have a spindle size that takes an M14 thread and so an M14 mortar rake should fit any standard 115 or 125mm angle grinder.

Mortar rakes fit onto the SPINDLE of an angle grinder Mortar rakes with female threads fit onto the spindle of an angle grinder.
The mortar rake screws onto the spindle of an angle grinder's spindle as shown here The mortar rake screws onto the spindle of the angle grinder and can be tightened with a spanner as shown here.
Some of these mortar rakes have different names so beware of different manufacturers adopting new names!

What’s available?

long mortar rake Some mortar rakes have a long gritted section, designed for the removal of individual bricks.
three pack mortar rakes A mixed diameter pack may be useful if you need to rake out a variety of widths of mortar. The mortar rakes all have the same size shank, so that they can be used on the same angle grinder, however, the width of their grinding section varies.
MASONRY AND MORTAR ROUTER BIT This style of mortar rake has an external male thread that screws into the internal female thread of a mortar rake adaptor, which in turn screws onto the spindle of an angle grinder.

For more information, see  How to fit / install a mortar rake

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