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What are the parts of a mitre block?

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   Wonkee Donkee The individual elements of a mitre block
Wonkee Donkee Beech wood and Plywood Mitre Block Mitre blocks are typically made from either beechwood or plywood and have none of the additional features such as workpiece clamps that come with mitre boxes. G clamps can be used to secure your workpiece to the mitre block to ensure an accurate cut.

Mitre block bed

Wonkee Donkee Wooden mitre block bed The mitre block bed is where your workpiece rests as it’s being cut.
Wonkee Donkee G clamp can be used to secure workpiece to a mitre block A G clamp can be used to hold the workpiece securely onto the side wall of the mitre block if required.

Side wall

Wonkee Donkee The side wall on a mitre block is used to but the workpiece up against The side wall on a mitre block is the wall the workpiece is butted up against, this provides a firm and secure hold in order that a precise and neat cut can be made.

Recess for sawdust

Wonkee Donkee The dust recess prevents any sawdust from stopping the workpiece butting up against the side wall of the mitre block There is a recess provided on the better quality mitre blocks, between the side wall and mitre block bed to allow sawdust to collect.

As the sawdust is collected in the recess, it doesn’t prevent your workpiece from butting up closely to the side wall, so accurate cuts can be made.

45 degree guide slots

Wonkee Donkee A mitre block would typically have two 45° saw guide slots The function of guide slots are to guide your saw over a workpiece at a precise angle – in the case of a mitre block, 45 degrees or 90 degrees.

There are typically two 45 degree saw guide slots on a mitre block, cut in opposite directions to enable a user to create a 90 degree joint by utilising each of the guide slots.

90 degree guide slots

Wonkee Donkee The 90° saw guide slots enable you to make precise 90° cuts to your skirting boards, coving, or plastic pipes The 90 degree saw guide slot makes cutting a 90 degree edge to your workpiece easy and ensures an accurate and neat cut every time.