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How to use a mitre box?

 How to use a mitre box

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It is important to use your mitre box correctly, otherwise you can waste a lot of time and wood as you struggle to achieve a precise mitred joint.
Wonkee Donkee Clamp mitre box to workbench to create a solid base

Step 1 – Secure mitre box

Secure the mitre box to a work table with clamps or permanently with screws.

Wonkee Donkee Choose the correct angle on the saw guide slots on the mitre box

Step 2 – Determine angle

Determine the correct angle for the cut and choose the correct saw guide slot on the mitre box accordingly.

Wonkee Donkee Slide the workpiece into position within the mitre box ensuring the workpiece aligns with the desired saw guide slots

Step 3 – Slide workpiece into box

Slide the workpiece into the box and line the cutting point up with the appropriate angled slots.

Hold the wood steady or clamp it into the box using the clamping system provided.

Wonkee Donkee Place the saw into the correct slot on the mitre box

Step 4 – Place saw in slot

Place the saw into the correct slot on both sides of the box, spanning the width of the workpiece.

Wonkee Donkee Saw downward with firm but moderate pressure to achieve the desired cut

Step 5 – Saw downward

Saw downwards with firm but moderate pressure. Allow the saw to do the work for you.

Wonkee Donkee Keep the saw from drifting out of the saw guides to ensure a neat and precise cut

Step 6 – Avoid drifting

Keep the saw from drifting out of the saw guides, especially with an inexpensive plastic box. It is easy to cut into the plastic instead of the wood if you lose track of where the saw blade is.

Wonkee Donkee Continue to cut until the workpiece is sawn through

Step 7 – Continue to cut

Continue to cut until the workpiece is completely sawn through.

Tips when using a mitre box and mitre block

Wonkee Donkee Clamp the wood into the mitre box to ensure a neat cut
  • Clamp the wood to keep it from moving as it is being cut.
Wonkee Donkee Use a spacer to provide support inside the mitre box
  • Use a wooden spacer to prop up pieces such as coving that might need to be cut on an angle.
Wonkee Donkee How to make a saw depth gauge for use with your mitre box
  • Make depth-stops by clamping a strip of wood to the saw blade so that cuts are made to the desired depth in the workpiece.
Wonkee Donkee Rub a candle over a saw blade to prevent it sticking
  • If the saw sticks frequently, rub the end of a candle over the saw blade. The candle wax will allow you to saw smoothly.

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