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What is a hacking lead knife?

What is a hacking lead knife?

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Hacking knives or lead hacking knives's blade gets thicker from the sharp edge, so they can be struck with a hammer Hacking knives have a slightly blunter cutting edge than other lead knives. The edge increases in thickness towards the spine of the blade and this widened area can be struck with a hammer. These knives are designed to make rough cuts in tough materials.


Hacking knives are used to hack into tough materials The wedge shape of the blade can be used to split tough materials. The spine can be hit with steel hammers, not just wooden or plastic hammers or mallets.
Hacking knives are designed to be struck with a hammer Hacking knives can often be used to cut into thicker materials than other lead knives. Many hacking knives are also designed to hack through materials such as PVC or wood, and some are even strong enough to be hammered through brick or sheet metal, depending on the specifications of different knives.

What are hacking lead knives used for?

Hacking knives or lead knives with hacking blades can be hit with a hammer Hacking lead knives are widely used in the glazing industry for chipping away old putty, window cement or frames from windows. The blunted blade should not damage the window frame, but the force from a hammer is enough to chip away the tough material. The blade will also be strong enough to cut any hidden glazing sprigs (small nails) that may be underneath the putty.
Hacking knives are designed to cut tough materials They are also commonly used to scrape or cut lead sheaths, or other tough sheaths, from power or telephone cables.
Hacking knives can be used to split timber Hacking knives are commonly used in rough woodwork. The blade can be hammered through timber to split it. The sharp cutting edge can be used to shave or trim wooden pieces.
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