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How to remove UPVC window beading with a lead knife?

How to remove uPVC window beading with a lead knife?

Lead knives can be used to remove uPVC window beading. The glass in uPVC windows is held in place against the frame with strips known as beading.


To remove the glass from a uPVC frame, the beading needs to be removed first. The slim but rigid blades of lead knives can be used to pry off beading without damaging the window or frame.

Step 1 – Locate Window Beading

In uPVC window installations, the beading which holds the glass in place will either be internal or external – fitted to the outside or to the inside of the window. If the beading is internal, it just needs to be removed to get the glass out.

If the beading is external, you will need to remove the rubber gasket seal from inside the window first. This gasket strip can be prised out with the tip of a lead knife, and should then pull out quite easily. Take note of the way it comes out so you can replace it correctly.

Step 2 – Insert lead knife into beading seam

Put the blade of the lead knife into the seam where it meets the frame, not where it meets the glass. If required a hammer can be used to gently tap the bottom of the lead knife to help. Make sure to be careful to not be too aggressive in doing this to prevent damaging the window.

Step 3 – Pry off beading

Use your lead knife to pry the beading out of place, taking care not to damage the frame or glass. Once the beading begins to come away, it can then be pulled off by hand. Pulling the beading away carefully by hand helps minimise the risk of damaging the window or its surrounds.

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