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What are the different types of lead knife?

What are the different types of lead knife?

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Lead knives have four blade designs: curved blade, sickle-shaped blade, crescent-shaped blade and hacking blade There are four main types of lead knife, defined by the shape of their blade. The various blades are useful for different jobs.

Sickle-shaped blade lead knives

Sickle-shaped blade lead knives are especially designed for working with lead came for glass work Lead knives with sickle-shaped blades, sometimes called fan lead knives, are specifically designed to be used with came glasswork. The rounded blade is designed to be positioned vertically over the lead came and rocked as it cuts.

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Curved blade lead knives

Most lead knives have a curved blade, this allows them to be rocked as they cut The blade of these lead knives has a curve so it can be rocked to cut tough materials like lead came. They can be held horizontally or angled towards vertical to make a cut.

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Crescent-shaped blade lead knives

Lead knives come with differently shaped blades, for different jobs The crescent-shaped blade lead knife is also designed for came glasswork, but additionally, its design is suited to window installation and removal, especially uPVC windows. It is sometimes called a window knife or quarter moon knife. The curved edge and the crescent-shaped edge on these knives are both sharp.

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Hacking lead knives

Hacking knives can be used as lead knives, because they are strong and tough Lead hacking knives are most suited to rough work. The hacking knife blade is designed to literally hack at the material, unlike the other lead knives which cut with a gentle, rocking motion. Their blades are straight and their spines are extra-wide so they can be hit with a hammer.

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