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What are hole saws used for?

What are hole saws used for?

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hole saw versus spade drill bit Hole saws are used to cut perfectly round holes in a wide variety of materials. They can cut holes with much larger diameters than traditional drill bits and, because they only cut out the perimeter line of the hole, they are much more efficient than a spade drill or twist drill.
hole saw and power drill, drilling a hole A hole saw is designed to attach to a power drill and rotate at a high speed. As the saw spins, the teeth cut into the chosen material, removing a circular piece (slug) as it saws through.


removing the slug. plumbers hole saw, cutting a hole, hole cutter A slug is the term used for the piece of waste material cut out by the hole saw.
carbide tipped hole saw, cutting blade, plumbing tool. hole cutter, tpi, saw Hole saws can be used in conjunction with corded drills, cordless drills (of 18 volts or higher), drill presses, and even lathes, provided they have a 3/8 or 1/2 inch chuck. There are special arbors that will allow you to attach them to a 1/4 inch chuck but these are much less common.
holesaws, hole saw, cutting tools, annular saw, hole cutter, pilot hole, drill bit, arbor, wonkee donke tools DIY guide, how to use a hole saw Cordless drills need to be 18 volts or higher because otherwise they will not produce the levels of torque (rotational force) needed to use a hole saw effectively.

Common applications

Hole saw, cutting holes in door for dead bolt

Door hardware installation

Hole saws are often used to make holes in doors for installing hardware such as dead bolts and lock sets.

Hole saw, installing a light fixture

Installing light fixtures

Hole saws can also be used to cut out holes in ceilings prior to the installation of light fixtures and fittings.

Hole saw, cutting hole in floor, drainage hole

Installing drainage pipes

If you need a hole for a drainage or waste pipe, a hole saw can be used to quickly cut an accurately sized hole with minimal effort.

Hole saw, cutting a pipe, making a connection into a drainage pipe

Making connections in pipes

Hole saws are ideal for making extra connections in pre-existing pipework and plumbing.

Hole saw, sawing through brickwork, cutting masonry

Cutting vents in masonry

Diamond hole saws will cut through masonry, making them a very useful tool when you need to install an air vent or pipe. For more information of diamond hole saws, see the page entitled: What are the different types of hole saw?

Hole saw, making holes for plumbing

Making holes for pipework and plumbing

The wide variety of diameters available makes hole saws ideal tools for cutting access holes for any type of plumbing or pipework.

hole saw hole cutter tools wonkee donkee tools DIY guide how to use a hole saw cutting a hole for computer wires

Cutting holes for electrical cables and wiring

Electricians often use hole saws to cut access points for cables and wiring.

Hole saw cutting hole for birdhouse

Making a birdhouse

Perhaps you are sprucing up the garden by adding a birdhouse or two to attract some wildlife. A hole saw will make short work of that little entrance hole.

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