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What are hand drills and braces?

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Hand drills and braces are manual tools Hand drills and braces are manual tools that are used to drill or bore holes into wood or other materials.
Hand drills and braces are used with drill bits, auger bits, or screwdriver bits to drill holes or drive fasteners. They are used with either a drill bit or auger bit in order to drill holes, or can also be used with a screwdriver bit instead to drive screws or fasteners.
Hand drills and braces are both very similar in their function and operation, in the sense that they have a simple design that relies on human effort to force the drill bit or fastener through the workpiece material with a rotating action.

They do, however, have their differences, each being more suited to certain tasks. To find out more, see our page: What is the difference between a hand drill and brace?

What is the difference between drilling and boring?

Drilling vs boring Drilling is the process of cutting a cylindrical hole into a workpiece with a drill bit. Boring is the act of increasing the size of an existing hole or improving the surface finish and tolerances of inner hole surfaces.
Wonkee Donkee says: "I find drilling far more fun than boring!"