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Are there any alternatives to feather edges?

 Are there any alternatives to feather edges?

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wonkee donkee feather edge Tools other than the feather edge that are used to smooth in plastering and similar processes can include:


plasterers sponge float Floats are also a smoothing tool used by plasterers. There are different types of float available, including rubber and sponge. They are generally considered the “go to” tool for finishing plaster and other similar coverings. They are smaller and easier to transport than feather edges but take longer to use and require more practice to get the best results.


wonkee donkee plasterers trowel Trowels are used to apply plaster and if the user is skilled enough, an even finish can be achieved. They are often used in conjunction with floats and are a necessity to plasterers.


wonkee donkee plasterers darby A darby is much like a feather edge, only with a larger surface area and handles. The darby may be preferred for exterior smoothing as there is often a larger area to be covered. However it is often what the user practises with and becomes used to that determines which tool is preferred.

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