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How to use a feather edge?

 How to use a feather edge?

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Applying the product

plastering a wall with trowel on to scratch coat A feather edge is a finishing tool, and so the application of the product (plaster) should be carried out according to the guidelines or instructions before using the tool.
The feather edge evens out any lumps and bumps and ensures a smooth, flat finish. Depending on the layer and type of plaster it can be used straight after application or when the product has begun to dry out.


exclamation mark on orange background, warning Different people prefer different methods for using their feather edge. It is often recommended to flick small amounts of water on to the product before using the feather edge. The basics are pretty similar but there are different opinions on how the tool should be moved. Here is a basic method, but be aware that it takes a lot of practice and hard work to get it right.
Hold feather edge tool in both hands

Step 1 – Grip feather edge

The thinner edge of the tool will be in contact with the surface to be smoothed, so grip around the thicker edge with both hands, at a comfortable distance apart.

feather edge at acute angle against wall

Step 2 – Place feather edge

The feather edge is held horizontally or vertically at a very acute angle to the surface to be smoothed: around ten to twenty degrees.

sweep feather edge across wall to smooth plaster

Step 3 – Move feather edge

Sweep the feather edge in long motions across the surface with firm, even pressure. It is advised to make sweeps up or down and not diagonally for best results.

feather edge in use

Step 4 – Repeat

Begin in the corners of a room or building and repeat sweeps across the surface until the whole area is smooth.

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