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What are the parts of a feather edge?

 What are the parts of a feather edge?

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Feather edge

feather edge tool for plastering A feather edge is a long, thin tool with one side tapered (the feather edge).

Straight edge

straight edge or ruler A straight edge is another name for a ruler, and all feather edges have a side which can act as a rule.


dimensions of a feather edge tool There is no universal size for feather edges. However, the following measurements are fairly typical for these tools:
length of feather edge approximately between 1.2 and 3 meters

Length (L)

Feather edge length varies depending on the job you are doing. They can usually be found in various increments between 1.2 and 3.0m (47″ and 118″). Which size to use is down to personal preference. However, you may want a longer one to get jobs done quicker or a shorter one for easier transportation.

height of feather edge approximately 10cm

Width (W)

The width of a feather edge is measured all the way across, not just to the beginning of the taper. They are approximately 10cm (4″) wide.

width of feather edge approximately 2.5cm

Depth (D)

A feather edge is around 2.5cm (1″) in depth.


pointed and rounded tips on feather edges The feather edge most commonly has a rounded tip but there is a pointed alternative. The rounded tip is useful for gliding over soft materials without digging in, whereas, the pointed tip, or fine edge, is preferred by some people for use in marking out and cutting.


feather edge with scale Feather edges can come with a scale, which allows it to be used for measuring. How the scale is divided can vary, but as an example, some feather edges are marked at 5mm intervals with every 50mm numbered.

End caps

plastic end cap on feather edge Feather edges are hollow, which makes them lighter and easier to manoeuvre, but this means that the ends are open unless plastic end caps are used. These prevent debris getting inside the tool, which can make it dirty and heavy.

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