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What is a Darby?

 What is a darby?

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Wonkee Donkee darby A darby is a long, flat tool used to smooth in plastering and rendering. It can also be used on concrete floors.
lipped edges on a darby tool It consists of two handles on a flat plate with slightly lipped edges.
Darby tool in use A darby is similar to a float, except larger. It is handy for rendering as it can cover a larger surface area in less time.
plastering a wall Primarily used in the final stages of wall and floor coatings, a darby is used to smooth.

Darbies or darbys?

dictionary The plural of darby is unknown, with both variations being used. Although the name probably originated from a person named Darby, the capital has been dropped and the word accepted into the dictionary. Under normal grammar rules, words ending with a consonant followed by y will have the ies plural, unless referring to a name.
 Darbies is also a slang word used to describe handcuffs.

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