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What is a darby used for?

 What is a darby used for?

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decorative finish for wall, tiling A darby is used to ensure walls and floors are even and ready for the decorative finish.
plasterer using a darby to smooth The darby is mainly used in plastering, particularly wet plastering. Wet plastering has been somewhat replaced by the introduction of gypsum plasterboard in the 1940s, which led to drywall plastering becoming more common.

This means wet plastering, and consequently use of the darby, are speciality techniques used mainly in restoration and repairs.

wet plastering and plasterboard Wet plastering consists of layers of plaster whereas drywall is plasterboard with a skim coating (very thin layer) of plaster.
internal walls are plastered, external are rendered Rendering is the same process as wet plastering but on external surfaces. It is known as stucco in the US.
darby tool in use on concrete floor The darby is used to even out lumps and bumps and create a level surface.

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