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What is an expansive bit used for?

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Image to show that owning an expansive bit can be as good as owning a set of other drill bits Expansive bits are used regularly in projects that require a selection of drill bits of different sizes.
An electrician drilling through a wall, which could be done with an expansive bit For example, expansive bits are used by plumbers and electricians, as they often need to drill through wooden boards to create pathways for cables (either individually or in a wider bundle).
A door with two circular mortises cut into it to accommodate the parts of a lock mechanism. These holes have been created by an expansive bit. They are also used to create round mortises in doors to accommodate lock mechanisms. They are ideally suited to this task thanks to the ease with which they can be adjusted to drill the holes for the lock and the handles.
Image to show that buying an expansive bit can save money in comparison to buying a set of drill bits For a DIYer, owning an expansive bit means saving money, as it eliminates the need to buy a large number of different wood bits.
Image of the materials through which an expansive bit can cut: wood and plastic Expansive bits can be used to bore holes in softwood, hardwood, plastic and light building materials such as plasterboard.