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What is an expansive bit?

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Example of an expansive drill bit An expansive bit is a tool for boring holes of variable width.
Image of an adjustable cutter from an expansive bit Expansive bits are made with adjustable cutters that can be extended or retracted. They were designed to eliminate the need for DIYers to buy sets of drill bits.
Image of the materials through which an expansive bit can cut: wood and plastic They can be used on all types of wood, as well as other relatively soft materials such as plastic and plasterboard.
An antique expansive bit - these tools are now rare As expansive bits are becoming outdated thanks to the falling costs for sets of other types of wood bit, they are starting to be considered specialist tools, despite their versatility.
Wonkee Donkee brags about the amount of rare tools in their collection
Image showing the location of the adjustable cutter on an expansive bit, which has earned the tool the name adjustable bit Thanks to the adjustable cutter that forms the functional part of the tool, expansive bits are also known as ‘adjustable bits’.