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What are the parts of a door and board lifter?

What are the parts of a door and board lifter?

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Door lifters, board lifters or panel lifters are all names for the simple foot operated tool used to fit plaster boards and doors
Foot operated board lifters or door lifters can raise panels so they can be fitted Most door and board lifters are very basic tools, simply constructed. However, some are a little more complex, having additions to improve their effectiveness.For more information see: What additional features can door and board lifters have?

Foot pad

door lifters or board lifters are operated by foot Door and board lifters are operated by foot, leaving your hands free. Putting pressure on the foot pad lifts the lift shelf, which will raise whatever sheet material is rested on it. They sometimes have a non-slip surface so your foot is more secure on the pad.

Lift shelf

door or board lifters lift plasterboard or doors with a lift shelf at one end The small shelf at the end of door and board lifters supports the sheet material you’re lifting. The wider the shelf the more stable the support should be. The width of the shelf will determine the thickness of sheets they can be used with. They often have a lip which supports the sheet in place while it’s lifted.

Pivot point

Board or door lifters are levers which lift when they are pivoted The pivot point is the part of the lifter which remains on the floor. Some pivot points on door and board lifters are designed to remain in one place, some can roll and some swivel, for easier adjustments when in use.
Wonkee Donkee says "Another word for the pivot point of a lever is the fulcrum."

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