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What are door and board lifters made of?

What are door and board lifters made of?

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Door lifters or panel lifters need to be tough to lift heavy materials Door and board lifters need to be relatively strong and durable, as they are used to lift heavy sheet material.


Some door lifters are made of steel Steel is known for its high strength. Door and board lifters made from steel should be strong but might be heavy to carry. Unless steel is painted or coated, it is prone to rusting if exposed to moisture, but coated materials are often more expensive. Steel is usually more expensive than plastics, but it’s often cheaper than high-grade aluminium.


Some door lifters are made of aluminium. Plasterboard lifters, board lifters, panel lifters Aluminum is also strong, but not as strong as steel. It’s lighter than steel, but high-quality aluminium will be more expensive.


Some door lifters are made of plastic. Lifting doors is made easier with panel lifters Plastic is usually the cheapest, weakest, and lightest material door and board lifters can be made from. However, advances in plastic technology mean that some are more heavy-duty and have better designs. These are much stronger than standard plastic lifters, but will also be more expensive.

Which material?

Which to choose? door lifters and plasterboard lifters can be made from plastic or metal The material to choose for a door and board lifter depends on the weight of the material you want to lift, how often you’ll use it, and how much you want to spend. The strength of a door and board lifter also depends on the quality of the design: high-quality lifters will probably be more expensive, but should last longer.
Let Wonkee Donkee help you choose the best tools Cheap plastic lifters won’t be as durable as metal lifters, but more expensive plastic designs can be very strong. High-grade aluminium is expensive, but lightweight and strong. Cheaper aluminium might be relatively weak. Steel is usually durable and relatively cheap, but will be heavier to carry.
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